VOTE 4 ME - 2036 when i win the election.

Adrian Is going to be the best president ever. Hide yo everything!

Voting for me will only result in the greatest greatest choice you can make. I will work for me as someone for you.

I am the best

Im better then omar or david, twice.

Fact 1

Unlike my opponent, I have faith in our basic democratic principles, our sacred family values and our civil rights.

Fact 2

I refuse to support an America where pundits and right-wing radio propagandists can make a mockery of our precious oil supply.

Fact 3

I will work for an America where internet pirates and pedophiles cannot corrupt our hard-working families.

Fact 4

My opponent is receiving money from backroom dealmakers, corrupt labor unions and Somali pirates.

Fact 6

I want an America where media moguls and 24-hour news networks can't destroy our right to use up the world's resources.

Fact 7

Know this: that I support our founding fathers' dreams, our powerful SUVs and our promise for tomorrow.

Fact 8

I beat david hands down in destiy 2 one on one.

Fact 9

Unlike myself, my opponent wants an America where greedy insurance companies and overpaid CEOs can take away our delicious apple pies.

Cloud Option

I have used the cloud; i know technology goodly.

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